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Cost Effective Personal Loans in Australia

If you are looking for cost-effective personal loans in Australia, then you will find that there is a vast number of different organisations to choose from. You can get personal loans in Australia from banks, credit unions, and sub-prime specialists, as well as from major chains that now have a financial division. There are peer to peer lending specialists that match would-be borrowers with groups that will lend to them (cutting out the financial institutions and allowing borrowers to benefit from helping you out), and there are online lenders that will deal with higher-risk customers, offering people in unstable situations a lifeline at times.

Finding The Best Deal for Your Borrowing

If you take out a loan, then you will have to pay interest on the loan amount. Some lenders allow you to pay back loans early, but you are unlikely to save interest by doing this – a lot of the time extra repayments will not pay down the initial amount, so you are still paying interest as usual, and if you settle early, they will want the full expected amount back.

You should look for the best interest rate that you can get when you initially take out the loan. Unsecured loans can vary, with interest rates from 6-9 percent not being unusual for a small loan of a few thousand dollars spread out over a period of five years.

Take Control of Your Finances

If you already have debts, and you want to refinance them to get a smaller monthly payment, or to consolidate them to save money, then you should look at some companies that specialise in this kind of market. You won’t get the lowest interest rates if you are refinancing, because lenders see people who are consolidating or refinancing as being a slightly higher risk, but it can often help you in the long term if you are disciplined. When you refinance, you can reduce your payments (and if you had a sub-prime loan and had successfully repaired your credit rating and managed the account with that lender well in the interim, you could save interest by moving to a mainstream lender). Consolidating your debts allows you to combine several accounts into one monthly payment, having just one figure to remember and only one payment date. Meaning less chance of missing payments and therefore less chance of damage to your credit rating.

The important thing is to be disciplined. When you consolidate your loans and credit cards (if appropriate), you should close any revolving lines of credit to make sure that you don’t get tempted to run them up again. The purpose of the consolidation is to ensure that over time your debts reduce, not to free you to borrow even more.

Lenders for Those In More Difficult Circumstances

If you are in unstable employment or are otherwise finding it hard to borrow from a traditional bank, then one of the best alternative options for personal loans in Australia is peer to peer lending. This concept has been popular in America for a while but is just starting to spread to the rest of the world. There are now a few groups of individuals and organisations working together to offer peer to peer personal loans in Australia.

Peer to peer lenders typically offers unsecured loans with fixed interest rates. They use a risk-based system where borrowers are categorised into tiers. Those who are the lowest risk will get incredibly competitive interest rates. Those who are higher risk will have to pay more – however, they are more likely to get approved for a loan with a peer to peer group than they are with a traditional bank or online lender, so it is still worth a look.

There are fees associated with borrowing, but they are typically lower than the banks, and some lenders will provide loans with no application fee or exit fee. All you pay is interest charges.

Online Loans for Small Amounts

If you want to borrow a small amounts such as just a few hundred dollars, then you can do so using an online lender. Many of these will process applications and provide results in minutes or even seconds. These lenders offer short-term loans and charge far higher interest rates than a mainstream bank, however, while the interest rate can look terrifying at first glance, it’s important to remember that you will be paying off the loan quickly. Meaning that they will not be charging you as much as it might look like from the three or four-figure percentage AER!

What Reasons Are You Borrowing?

Some lenders will take into account what you are borrowing for when they decide whether or not to give you a loan, and what interest rate to charge. Loans for things that will hold their value and that are long-term investments, such as repairs to the house or the replacement of an appliance are more likely to be looked upon favorably than a loan for a birthday party or a holiday since you’re likely to want to borrow more at a later date. Lenders build a complex profile before they decide what they are going to lend to you, and will want to check that you are a responsible borrower.

Before you apply, make sure you understand whether the loan uses compounding interest or not, what the late payment penalties are, and how much you are going to have to pay back in total. Check your credit report to make sure whether it is accurate. If there are mistakes on it, then make sure that they are corrected before you apply. It could be that removing some errors from your credit report could put you into the next lowest ‘risk band’ allowing you to get a better rate. Borrow what you require, and make sure that you can afford the repayments because failure to repay even on an unsecured loan can mess you up long term.